Rute Fevereiro is a Portuguese singer, guitarist, and songwriter. She is the vocalist, lyricist and founder of the band EnChanTya.

Rute’s voice is well known by contrasting between operatic and growling vocals. She is also famous for being the vocalist and guitarist of the first Portuguese female metal band, Black Widows, which she created in 1995. Since then, Rute has been guest vocalist and guest musician for several national and international bands, including Ancient Rites (Belgium), Poseidon’s Anger (USA) and Beto Vazquez (Argentina). Rute has been also responsible for some vocal workshops.

Rute’s first contact with music began at early age, when she sang at her parents’ work Christmas parties. Later, as a teenager she learnt how to play guitar and had vocal lessons, which was useful when she gathered female musicians to play in Black Widows. They recorded an album: “Sweet… the Hell” and an EP “Dark Side of an Angel”.

Getting into the world of music software was crucial for Rute to work also as a songwriter and therefore to create her band EnChanTya in 2005. “Moonlighting the Dreamer”  was the band’s first EP, followed by the debut full length album “Dark Rising” released by Massacre Records.

Rute is currently working on Enchantya’s new album, and will be featured as a vocalist and lyricist in Elementia II and Caedeous from Paulo J. Mendes.