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Caedeous is an international musical project by Portuguese composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist musician and producer Paulo J. Mendes. Caedeous music is described as mixture between Symphonic and Extreme Metal.

Caedeous music is characterized by the use of traditional instruments in metal / rock music (guitars, bass, and drums) mixed with live orchestra, choir performance and dark atmospheres.

Due to Caedeous® unique nature, session musicians and orchestral features, live performances will be limited to special tour concerts, promotional events and festivals.

Caedeous first studio length album “Domini Tenebrarum” was released as a double CD on 20th February 2018 which includes the “Orchestral Sessions: Domini Tenebrarum” (Released on 1st December 2018) and the full metal album on all the major international digital stores such as Amazon and Apple iTunes and digital streaming services Spotify and Apple Music and also available at deluxe physical edition. Domini Tenebrarum metal album version included on recordings session musicians such as Rute Fevereiro on vocals and lyrics, Manuel Pinto on bass and Bernardo Rodrigues on lead guitar. The album was produced, recorded and mixed / mastered by Paulo J. Mendes at Studio 7.

Also in 2018 Paulo J. Mendes announced plans for the second studio album of originals for Project Caedeous titled “Obscurus Perpetua”.


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